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Windsor, ON 28 days ago
Thursday April 26th, 2018 at 10:51 AM

Missing dog collar

Red dog COLLAR with tags. Dog is at home, only collar is missing.

Between Giles and Tecumseh, Gladstone and Howard.

Name tag is a red heart with "Champagne" on one side and my cell number on the other. Lost during morning walk April 25.

Please keep an eye out.

Windsor, ON Monday April 23rd, 2018 at 6:41 PM

hotel dieu hospital

This is long over due -March 26

I had a procedure done at the hospital and it was the first of its kind for me. I was extremely nervous, but Cindy the nurse who was looking after me, went above and beyond to make me feel safe and really cared for. I just want to reach out and thank you for making such an impact on the quality of care I received. You really made me feel comfortable, cared for and thankful that we have such amazing people like you !

Windsor, ON Monday April 23rd, 2018 at 6:04 PM

Eddy's Bistro in Windsor

My kids took me out for my Birthday yesterday at Eddy's Mediterranean Bistro, absolutely amazing place!!! This little Bistro, if you haven't been to it, you gotta try it!!!! It is on Tecumseh rd./ Mercer at 420 Tecumseh rd. parking is in the back, with a back entrance as well. It may not appear super nice from the outside but, inside there is a casual whatever section and then a section for the more fine dining experience. The service is amazing, the food is truly amazing and awesome, I tried many things that hmmm I never thought I'd ever fattoush salad (wow) and garlic spread!! Lol Never in my life did I think garlic spread could be so good but, I guess when it's freshly made to perfection, it's absolutely terrific. What can I say my whole Eddy's Bistro experience was wonderful!!! The chicken and the beef kabobs, I believe are the best I have ever had in any restaurant. The owner Eddy, makes sure that you are well taken care of!!! He's a really nice guy, very cheery and friendly and all round has a very pleasant personality!!! Dare say, I'm so glad a few my kids knew of this gem of a restaurant!!! I will definitely be telling people about it and most definitely going back real soon!!!! Thank you Eddy, for the most amazing dining experience I've had in quite a while. (since Goderich a few years ago) Great amazing food, incredible service, a terrific time with my kids, made for an awesome Birthday!!! Keep smiling Eddy!!!

Windsor, ON Monday April 23rd, 2018 at 5:50 PM

To the man who stopped at the corner of South Cameron and Tecumseh to help that boy with his motorized wheelchair, we need more people like you in our city. It looked to me as if this boy rolled on to the road a little. This man got out of his car to help him back on the sidewalk. He was holding up quite a few cars. I'm happy to see he took the time to show kindness. I hope all the cars being help up were patient and learned something about taking time to help others like I did today.

Windsor, ON Monday April 23rd, 2018 at 4:40 PM

Good Samaritan - Towing Help

On Sunday afternoon during the Earth Day celebration at Malden Park, my wife got her van stuck in the muddy grass.
When I arrived, I saw it almost 90 degrees the wrong way. We enlisted the help of some firefighters who were there as part of the festivities. They gave it a valiant effort with pushing assistance but unfortunately, the van was stuck too deep.
It was a pretty stressful and embarrassing situation as people were glaring and discussing us on their way out all the while dealing with our 3 little guys.
As I tried to call up some tow companies, a kind man in a SUV told us he can help tow us out after he goes home and gets his equipment.
Sure to his word, he returned and helped not only us but the car next to us who were also stuck.
Another gentleman came by to assist us with directing traffic on the other side.
We are very grateful for the kindness of these people today who volunteered to help and get us out of that jam.

Windsor, ON Monday April 23rd, 2018 at 1:44 AM

Caesars Windsor Screw Over Everyone

Come on, Caesars!!!! Seriously, you talk about how much your guests mean to the business?? Well, what's the hold up? Treat your staff members with the respect they deserve and pay them accordingly!!! It is because of the excellent staff we continue to enjoy our time at Caesars. Why is it that there are so many that have been there for years making $2 or so more than those who just got bumped to, what is it $14? You should take pride in your staff, they serve you well!!! It is truly disgusting the way you continue to treat your staff members, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Oh wait, you don't care, cause you are the one with the upper hand right? You are the ones that put food on their tables, roof over their head, yada yada....UHHHHHM well, in one way yes...BUT if it weren't for the players, the wouldn't exist!!!! We appreciate your staff more than you do obviously!!!! As for your gamblers, WELL, believe me, many of us have noticed how we too have been getting screwed over as well!!! You have made cuts across the board!!! Do you know how much chatting goes on in the ticket lines? Many Diamond (15000+ Tier Credits) members getting half or nothing of the complimentary free stuff, yet, a Gold or Platinum member (anything under the Diamond amount) is getting more than we are???? We get it, you think you feel you have us cause we will come back, you want to lure the lower tier in with free stuff. Soooo, ever been told you should play without your card? You should if you do not intend on staying on a machine for long. I found out your free stuff is based on your play. Play, not based on the money you spend....the amount of time you spend on machines!!! Believe it or not your average(Play) goes down IF you hop around to different machines. You increase your average if you dump all of your money into one machine, but they don't really want to inform you of that!!!! Put less money in, play less machines, end up with a better average...that will get you more free stuff!!!! Soooo, we as the gamblers of Caesars, I think I speak for many, truly do not understand your greed!!!! Reality is, all the free stuff, well, don't we know it....most of us have paid for it!!! We've actually bought it, most likely 10X over the price you pay!!!! Quit being sooooo cheap and dis respectable to your staff members, they are a very big reason many of us gamblers frequent the casino!!!! They are what makes your business thrive!!! You (Caesars) big cheapskates, are what we the gamblers usually complain about, not your staff!!!! You need to quit being so cheap!!! Pretty sure you can't say you didn't make enough money in all these years..hell I'm sure you make enough every single year to justify giving your employees what they deserve!!!! Better pay (retro pay for those that make just over minimum wage, after many years of service), better benefits and truly respect!!! I am glad they are out on strike picketing for what's right!!! Caesars may be losing a lot of money right now...BUT as we know they can afford it....the strikers however is another story... KEEP GOING WON"T BE LONG!!! They will break!!!! Their not getting what they want either....that's the money, greed always rates over all else, Money, money, money, tick tock !!! GO CAESARS EMPLOYEES!!!!!

Windsor, ON Sunday April 22nd, 2018 at 7:34 PM

Important documents stolen

Last night my car was broken into. Everything that was stolen is replaceable, except for a large black portable expanding file folder containing all of my child's medical/ educational documents. These documents hold no value to anyone else, however they have significant value to my family. These are documents from the many specialists we've seen in his 10 years. Diagnoses', IEPs, medications, report cards. My son has special needs and we need these documents. Please keep an eye out. In your alleys, parks or anywhere else someone could have dropped it once they realized there was no value. Please help us find this folder.

Windsor, ON Saturday April 21st, 2018 at 12:28 AM

Charity night at swiss chalet manning rd

Under new management , we love giving back to the community . Every quarter chicken meal from 5 -8pm a percentage of sales goes to saint vincent du paul food bank.
Please share and help out the community

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