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Windsor, ON Saturday July 11th, 2020 at 9:05 PM

To the wonderful young couple that found my husband's cell phone

Just wanted to give a shout out to the young couple who found my husband's cell phone in the parking lot at Home Depot near Costco on Saturday July 11th around 7pm. Thank you so much for calling the home number and returning it to the Customer Service Desk. Its comforting to know that there is still good people out there. You have been spotted!!!

Thanks for saving the day!!!

Windsor, ON Thursday July 2nd, 2020 at 6:59 PM


I was at giant tiger Off of Pillette Rd., Thursday, July 2. As I was walking in, a lady' was giving the young man at the door a hard time because somebody was in the store without a mask. He told her she had a medical condition. Her response was did she have a card? Shame on you for taking your frustration out on this young man who is just doing his job. I'm sure he's making no more than minimum wage. If you had an issue with this you should've asked to speak to the manager. It's not up to this young man to police and confront people. The sign on the door did not say mandatory masks. What is wrong with you? If you didn't like it maybe you should've just left. There is so much rudeness and disrespect in this city, that makes me sad. People need to relax and just be kind to one another.

Windsor, ON Thursday July 2nd, 2020 at 5:51 PM

On Thursday July 2nd, around 5pm a honest person found my phone at the Canadian Tire in South Windsor. If anyone knows someone who found and returned a phone today at CT, please tag them in this post. I would like to personally thank them and give them a token of my appreciation. Also a big shout out and thanks to Eric who was working at the customer service desk and was an immense help to me!!

Windsor, ON Thursday July 2nd, 2020 at 2:07 PM

Lost gold bracelet

Last Saturday, June 27, 2020, I lost a gold bracelet that I have worn for over 30 years. I never take it off. I was at my son's house and we took pictures Friday night and my bracelet is in the picture, so I lost it Saturday, the only place I went other than home, was Freshco on Malden road in Lasalle. I have searched my home, yard, car, grocery bags, purse. The only place I could have lost it is either in the store or in the parking lot. I am hoping that if someone found it they could find it in their heart to return it to me as it means a lot to me.

Windsor, ON Tuesday June 30th, 2020 at 4:29 PM

Town of Lakeshore

Just to begin, I have never posted anything like this but today is the exception. Way to go Town of Lakeshore! Went to spend a beautiful day at Belle River beach and greeted by BEACH CLOSED signs. By-law officers and OPP were present and doing their job ( politely I may add). When I asked about the beach closing, I was told it was in response to overcrowding and a few misbehaving people not following the rules. COVID is real. Yes, I as much as anyone understands that. However, closing the very few recreational areas left available, not necessary. Then I say ticket or warn offenders, patrol the beach and punish the offenders at the time. Be proactive and take care of the problem at that time. Do not be reactive to those few who now have taken away the beach space for families, children, couples, friends etc... I sat on the grassy park section and watched many sad children being turned away crying not understanding why they had to leave. One child said I don't understand, we are staying far away from others, why do we have to leave? how long will this recreation area be closed and more kids and families have to suffer for the actions of a few? This bureaucratic wise sweep reactive decision making is maddening and very disappointing for the town of Belle River. Then we were asked to leave the grassy park area away from the water to be surrounded by fencing. Wow, slight overkill there. Kids playing, throwing footballs, picnic lunches, sorry, closed!!! Fence up, how lovely. There are always those that won't follow rules, that is society. Deal with those few and let others have some minuscule sense of normalcy. Absolute shame on Lakeshore council 😡😡😡

Windsor, ON Monday June 29th, 2020 at 7:05 AM

Thank you, Mr. M

On Friday Morning I decided to go to Belle River from Tecumseh on my bike, I took all the back roads along Lake Saint Clair. On my way home just after Wallace Line I started not to feel well I stop three different times and sat down on the ground, at that time there was a man across the street in a work truck notice that I was sitting and looking like I didn't feel good so he came over and asked me if everything was all right I said no I'm not really feeling well I think I pushed it too hard going to Belle River I live in Tecumseh I have my water I'll just sit here and relax a bit but thanks for asking, he returned to his truck, I had three bottles of water, I'm on my second bottle so after the third time sitting I decided to get up again I walked my bike for just a bit and got on started peddling and that's when I fainted off my bike, very dizzy and lightheaded I just laid there for a few minutes but in the background I heard cars keep on going by multiple times and no one stopping, at that time I managed to sit up grab my phone and called my neighbour next door but there was no answer, so once again I try to get up as best as I can took the bike off me and started walking and by then I was starting to get dizzy so I sat down again and a man in a red van stopped and nicely asked me if I was all right and he said if not I'm going your way I'll drive you home, I said no I'm not feeling well I think I rode my bike to far and I would appreciate it if you could drive me home so that's nice man came and got me and with help walk me to his car open up his tailgate sat me there for a few minutes while he arrange the front seat for me, turned his air on and brought me to the front seat and let me lay back for a bit, he put my bike in his trunk and drove me home. I would like to thank this gentleman which I'm going to call Mr. M a million times over, I and my family appreciate you and thank you for stopping to ask. I wonder about all those other cars that passed me multiple times while I was sitting on the side of the road once laying on the side of the road with the bike on me when I had fainted, what are these people thinking about, what is this world coming to it's a shame no one can just pull over and ask are you ok. Sad sad world.

Windsor, ON Sunday June 28th, 2020 at 2:34 PM

Lunch @ Applebees

Our first restaurant experience since the pandemic started was today, Sunday June 28, was one I wont forget! Not only was it so nice to go enjoy a meal with my husband and 2 boys, we sat across from a Mother & daughter, we all engaged in conversation (I could have chatted with them all day) these ladies left before we did and when we asked for our bill the waiter informed us that these women paid our full bill and they wanted us to know they enjoyed seeing a family out enjoying it! Wow, it took me back and brought tears to my eyes instantly, how kind! We did drive to lowes in Hope's to find them and properly thank them with no luck, I hope so badly you see this and know how much you truly made our day! You showed us such kindness my boys have been talking about your generosity all day & I am forever grateful!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤

Windsor, ON Thursday June 25th, 2020 at 11:52 AM

Lost prescription glasses

Lost a pair of blue prescription glasses in the parking lot of Silverstein's Produce store. It was at 11:30 am on Thursday June 25tj. They are Guess Brsnd with blue tortoise shell plastic frames. If you happened to of found them, please contact me asap. Please share on your social media accounts. Thank you!

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