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Windsor, ON Sunday July 7th, 2019 at 4:32 AM

Family Outting to Downtown Ouellette raises concern

My husband and I decided to take our kids to the downtown farmers market on Saturday. It was around 1130 in the morning and we started by parking on Ouellette and park area. As we got out of our vehicles it wasn't long as I had to grab my 4 year old daughter up in my arms as there were quite a few homeless people who looked rather dishevelled, strung out and worrisome to come across. One, as I stopped to attend to my daughter looked as though he wanted to grab my purse or reach in purse from a side if I hadn't turned around and looked him in the face. Shortly after, another group of three homeless people sitting on the sidewalk appeared to spit in our direction for no apparent reason whatsoever. As we walked to the corner of pelliser and park towards the farmers market there was another homeless person packed with a shopping cart. Then we noticed quite a few police officers on bikes who appeared to be tended to the homeless man. It was such a wake up call to my family on how hard this city has been affected by drug use and the alarming rate of homeless people. Kuddos to the Windsor police for keeping our family safe by just being present in the downtown area where we were at the time. You guys made it manageable. We definitely will have to reconsider weather or not to go again to the market as the safety of my family is number one.

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