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Windsor, ON Tuesday July 2nd, 2019 at 12:44 AM

Poor manners

My mom, a family friend and I took my children to the Canada Day parade. We went early, found a good parking spot and set up to watch the parade. Just as it started, a group of girls, around 12 years old, stepped out in front of us to stand on the road. They were completely blocking our view. My mom asked them to please step back or sit down, and they did. For about a minute. Then they were up on their feet, blocking our view again. I asked them to please step back or sit down twice. Both times they looked at me, saw that they were blocking the view for my child who was sitting on my lap, and didn't move an inch. Our family friend overheard one of the girls say that her mom told her to ignore us. So, not only were these rude tweens blocking me and my small children from watching the parade, they were being encouraged to be rude by their own parents. When they left, these girls left a pile of trash where they'd been standing: candy wrappers, smashed suckers, discarded fliers, drink cups. Not to worry, though, my children and I picked it up. To make matters worse, these girls were wearing team t-shirts. With their names clearly printed on the back. I'm really disappointed to see a local girls' sports team to be braving in such a poor manner.

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