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Windsor, ON Tuesday June 25th, 2019 at 10:59 PM

Move her fat what?

To the guy at the intersection of Seminole and george today between 3:30-4:00.
I'm married to a wonderful woman who gave me 2 beautiful children and who makes sacrifices for her kids, her husband and her family. She wakes up early, stays up late and never complains, she never complains until today. She came home crying because someone in a red Ford car rushed her while she was crossing and you were trying to turn. The first 20 minutes after hearing the story I wanted to find out who you were and have some choice words for you. But I calmed down, and I thought I'll share this in hopes just maybe it reaches you or other people like you. She was crossing the street and she rushed her last two steps so to not make you wait much longer, you yelled out your window move that A$$ fatty. She kept walking and just pretended she didn't hear you until you were out of sight and then broke down all the way to the car, and home.

I hope you realize how wrong you were. I hope anyone who is young or old enough to read this, realizes how wrong it is to bully anyone.

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