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Windsor, ON Tuesday June 25th, 2019 at 8:13 PM

Lacking Empathy

Today, June.25 on Alsace Avenue I was waiting to turn into the full parking lot at the Windsor Cancer Centre. A place that no one parked in that lot wants to be. I had my signal on to indicate that I would be turning in as soon as the attendant gave me the ok.
You were impatient and honked at me to move. You had plenty of room to go around me. After you decided to use some common sense and go around, the passengers in your vehicle ( a black compact SUV) shot me the finger.
The cancer centre is not a fun place to go. I was going for my 15 month follow up appointment. I felt sick to my stomach and my anxiety was high. When I go for my follow ups I hold my breath and pray that I get good news. I fought a really hard battle and pray that I never have to do it again.
I hope that if you ever happen upon that situation again that you will think twice before getting impatient . Show a little empathy.
And, I hope for your sake that you are never the one waiting to get a spot in the cancer centre parking lot.

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