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Windsor, ON Wednesday June 19th, 2019 at 10:17 AM

To the lady leaving Zehrs at Lauzon Rd Tuesday at 4:40pm

To the lady who was exiting Zehrs yesterday (June 18th) on Lauzon Rd at around 4:40pm, who either jokingly or was serious when you said "Don't worry lady, i'm not going to rob you" actually really effected me afterwards.

From my point of view, this is what transpired.
I was leaving Zehrs, and i was deep in thought. My mum is in the hospital dying of cancer and I was actually debating if the 2 boxes of Chamomile Tea I bought her would be enough or should I head back in and pick up some more. I was also displeased because the second reason I was at Zehrs was to pick up formula for my baby and it was not in stock.
I noticed a person out of the corner of my eye and thought that I might have stepped in front of you because I wasn't paying attention. I looked back to make sure I had given you enough space to walk and noticed you were walking fast and thought you were in a hurry so I attempted to move over. You then proceeded to say "Don't worry lady, i'm not going to rob you". I was completely taken back because i had no clue what was happening. I tried to explain what was actually happening and you repeated what you said and walked away, but not before giving me a look of utter disgust.

Now i'm not sure if you were only joking or if you were serious, but I found it very hurtful and uncalled for. Your tone implied I was being racist in your opinion because I looked back and attempted to move over. I also had a short handle purse, and if my hand was on it (the same arm it was draped over), it was only to keep it from falling off my shoulder. Not clutching it because I thought you were going rob me.

Please be more careful in the words you choose to say to people, you don't know what their thinking or going through. I also apologize if my actions were misinterpreted, I was actually attempting to be polite but it did't come across that way to you. But you also cant bite off everyone's head who looks at you, that seems like a really stressful way to live.

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