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Windsor, ON Monday April 8th, 2019 at 7:28 PM

S/O to Emergency Services

Yesterday I was witness to a horrendous accident on county rd 42 involving a motorcyclist. I called 911 immediately and emergency services were there in less than
4 minutes with not a single delay. I just want to thank and show appreciation for the dispatch I spoke to, the OPP officers, paramedics, fire, and other emergency responders who tended to the accident and the motorcyclist so quickly and efficiently. His life was in your hands at that critical moment and I witnessed them handle it with urgency and care. This also goes for the medical staff that would have been working in the ER when he was brought in.They all deserve recognition for the work they do. To witness traumatic events such as that one and do your job without the blink of an eye takes incredible courage. Thank you all for your bravery, your compassion and your efforts. My heart and prayers go out to the motorcyclist and his family- I am praying he will be alright.

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