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Windsor, ON Saturday March 9th, 2019 at 9:07 AM

Still amazing people in this world

Last night me an my family went out to dinner at gilligan's on walker road. That is my boys favorite restaurant. We were enjoying everything about our night out as a family, giggling, playing games an eating good food. People would look at us an just smile,they knew we were just having a great time. After a great dinner we proceeded to go pay for our meal,an the waitress said i need to have your bill please an have a great night. Our bill was 70$, i just stood there an didn't understand. She then said this lovely couple had paid for our bill. I was so shocked . I couldnt thank them enough, out of all the people in the restaurant they picked us. Im so happy to see that there are amazing people still in this world. To the couple that paid for our dinner, you made our night even more memorable.

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