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Windsor, ON Tuesday February 19th, 2019 at 4:11 PM

Passing a school bus while lights were on

Today as my 4 yr old sons bus was approaching the bus stop I was crossing the street (corner of divine st and superior st in lasalle) to get to the bus. The bus fully stopped, lights flashing, and arm out at this point. A black car with a Male driver who decided it would be a wonderful idea to blast through and tear around the corner (going towards front rd) came within 2 feet of hitting me! I yelled at him and raised my hands to get his attention. He pointedly avoided eye contact and kept going like it was nothing.This is not the first time this happened 2 weeks ago a red minivan did this too. I am far from impressed!
I'm just so glad that the kids were not yet crossing the street while these cars decided to do this.
People, please be more mindful! This should not be happening. When lights are flashing on a bus it's for a reason, not for decoration. How would you feel if it was your child that came within feet of being struck by a reckless driver not giving 2 craps if they were crossing to get home?
On a good note! I want to thank my childs bus driver and the bus monitors (older kids from the school) for keeping a watchful eye and not letting the kids off the bus until they see it is totally safe for them to go.
Please drivers.....keep your eyes peeled for kids while driving, especially between the times of 3 and 4!

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