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Windsor, ON Sunday January 13th, 2019 at 12:27 PM

To the women at Tim Horton's

To the old women at Tim hortons at walker and Wyandotte today in the blue focus that decided to order $65 dollar order in the drive thru and make 15 other people wait in line behind you when the drive thru attendants attended your ridiculous order . You have been spotted . That was inconsiderate to 15 other people and you wasted 45 minutes of their lives that they will never get back . Why wouldn't you just go inside of that Tim Hortons and save everyone the trouble so that you could wait for your order inside like everyone else who has an order over 15 items. It's a general consideration for others . The drive-thru is intended to be a quicker version not to get stuck in because you decided to not get out of your car for one day . Unbelievable, but typical Windsor behaviour.

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