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Windsor, ON Tuesday December 4th, 2018 at 11:56 AM

I fell. You helped.

To the several individuals that stopped and helped me Monday, thank-you. Yesterday (December 3) I was walking along Grand Marais on my way to the South Windsor Vision Centre. I have MS and do walk with crutches but walking short distances usually isn't a problem. Yesterday was the exception to the rule. I fell between the driveway and the sidewalk of my destination; flat on my back.

One person stopped, then another and another. From the ladies who walked up and down Grand Marais, looking for my glasses to the gentlemen who stood me up and got me into the clinic, these everyday heroes made sure I was okay, got to my destination and was able to call my hubby.

I am okay. My pride was hurt the most. Falling down and not being able to stand up, well... it is not something I recommend you do in public. But if it happens to you, know that there are wonderful people walking among us. They will stop whatever they are doing, and help a complete stranger.

To the people that came to my aid (outside South Windsor Vision Centre on Grand Marais just east of Dominion) thank-you. I can't remember if I said this to each of you yesterday so I tell you all, you've been SPOTTED!!

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