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Windsor, ON Monday October 15th, 2018 at 6:53 PM

Simple Apology

Today while I was sitting in a grocery store parking lot waiting for my daughter to get off work you came to your truck parked next to me.
You proceeded to put your groceries away,
All of a sudden your door smashed into mine so hard my car shook. You then proceeded to give me a dirty look. I got out of my car to check for damage and advised that you hit my car. Your response was no, the wind hit your car. I said excuse me, your door hit my car ma'am. You stayed with the wind blew your door and you are just trying to put your groceries away. Then you told me I needed to relax. Treated me like it was my fault your door slammed into my car. The man you were with could not even look me in the face, probably because he was embarrassed by the way you acted! Shame on you.. you have been spotted!!!

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