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Windsor, ON Sunday June 10th, 2018 at 9:57 AM

Walmart thief

I just came back from a shopping trip with my 3 year old and my hubby, we went to Walmart on Dougal. I've had a lot on my mind today, and the last couple of days. As I was shopping, my hubby had to take my son out side because of a little tantrum he was having. I stayed and paid for the groceries, therefore I put my purse down, which I NEVER DO! I put it in the front of the cart as I loaded the cart, brought it all to the car, loaded it in the trunk, and my hubby put the cart back. He said he didn't notice my purse in the front, and thinks someone grabbed it as they walked by our car as we were loading our groceries.
Long story short, I went to costumer service and of-course nothing was returned. So to whom ever has my black Aldo golden chain shoulder strap purse, God sees you. Karma will have you, I had a little over $100 in cash, all my ID and my house keys in there.
I wish everyone had a heart like mine, if I saw a purse I wouldn't even second guess. I would bring it to where ever I found it with hopes the owner received it. I've NEVER done this before and I feel like it's my fault that someone now has my personal belongings. It's not sitting well with me, I know it's just a purse, ID and money. It all can be replaced, but to the person who has no heart and is looking at my ID right now and spending my money. God is watching you. My purse should've never left my arm, but people also need to stop being so sh***y. That's the most expensive grocery trip I've ever been in needless to say.

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