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Windsor, ON Monday May 28th, 2018 at 7:40 AM

Common courtesy

Just wondering if anyone else has been noticing that people lately have been becoming less and less courteous.
My wife and I often go for a walk in the morning and after supper in the area of Blue Heron Pond by Little River Road.
More often lately an organized group of people jogging on the trail in the opposite direction to which we are walking are running in a group three abreast while my wife and I walk side by side on the right hand side. The runners opposing but coming at us are taking up three quarters of the trail forcing us to either step off or walk in a row behind each other while they continue to stay abreast. This is often done by walkers opposing us as well.
My question is what ever happened to common courtesy and do you really feel entitled to take up almost the entire path or sidewalk??

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