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Windsor, ON Friday May 18th, 2018 at 8:13 AM

To the lady walking behind me at the river this morning. I was walking/ jogging and I had just put my phone in my pocket after switching a song. I couldn’t hear you yelling at me but you started running to catch me and by the time you caught me I was about 200 yards from where I had originally dropped it. You were out of breath and commented how I just gave you the best workout you’ve had in years. We both laughed and you gave me the $25 dollars I dropped from my pocket while playing with my phone. You could have easily ran off and no one would have known. It’s refreshing that someone decided to run after me to return something I had dropped. Thank you for the honesty and I hope good Karma comes your way ASAP!

PS Ill be back Monday morning near the Canada Flag the same time if you want to join me for a walk/ jog

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