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Windsor, ON Wednesday May 9th, 2018 at 6:58 PM

You made me cry, Thank you

Spotted : To the two ladies walking into Devonshire Mall today from the Tim Hortons entrance after lunch. You stopped me to tell me how much you loved my hair and also complimented what my shirt said Girl Power

I got back to my car as quickly as I can so no one would see me burst into tears.

I've been divorced for 8 months now and my confidence has never been lower my whole life because of it. I was in a horrible situation and right now with some close family (Thank you, Mom and Dad) I'm slowly coming back out of my shell. I don't feel like I walk around confidently, but I've learned to act the part.

Anyways, I love you both. That simple comment and statement you made, and to stop me in the middle of the parking lot yo tell me. Well, you made my day, week, months.

Thank you so very much. I wish I had your confidence to go up to strangers and start talking, maybe one day soon I'll get it back.

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