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Windsor, ON Sunday May 6th, 2018 at 7:39 AM

Windsor road rage

To the old man who laid on his horn at walker and ypres behind me as I was in the left turning lane waiting until it was safe to turn, not being able to see past the van turning left from the oncoming traffic I did not want to go until I was sure considering I had a 5 month old baby in my back seat. He then proceeded to ride my tail, pass me and then make a point to stop in traffic roll down his window and yell repeatedly at the top of his lungs "you effing b****, eff you" even once I said back I have a baby in my car he continued with "I don't effing care you're a effing b**** eff you" then speed off and I then watched him tail gate everyone else and weave in an out of traffic. I hope you feel good about yourself and feel like a big tough guy yelling at a young girl in the middle of traffic while stopping traffic around. I bet he wouldn't have done that if I had a guy in my car with me. I dont know whats wrong with people lately but the road rage in windsor is getting out of control.

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