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Windsor, ON Monday April 23rd, 2018 at 6:04 PM

Eddy's Bistro in Windsor

My kids took me out for my Birthday yesterday at Eddy's Mediterranean Bistro, absolutely amazing place!!! This little Bistro, if you haven't been to it, you gotta try it!!!! It is on Tecumseh rd./ Mercer at 420 Tecumseh rd. parking is in the back, with a back entrance as well. It may not appear super nice from the outside but, inside there is a casual whatever section and then a section for the more fine dining experience. The service is amazing, the food is truly amazing and awesome, I tried many things that hmmm I never thought I'd ever fattoush salad (wow) and garlic spread!! Lol Never in my life did I think garlic spread could be so good but, I guess when it's freshly made to perfection, it's absolutely terrific. What can I say my whole Eddy's Bistro experience was wonderful!!! The chicken and the beef kabobs, I believe are the best I have ever had in any restaurant. The owner Eddy, makes sure that you are well taken care of!!! He's a really nice guy, very cheery and friendly and all round has a very pleasant personality!!! Dare say, I'm so glad a few my kids knew of this gem of a restaurant!!! I will definitely be telling people about it and most definitely going back real soon!!!! Thank you Eddy, for the most amazing dining experience I've had in quite a while. (since Goderich a few years ago) Great amazing food, incredible service, a terrific time with my kids, made for an awesome Birthday!!! Keep smiling Eddy!!!

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