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Windsor, ON Tuesday February 20th, 2018 at 2:39 PM

Slow it down!

To the woman in Freshco today who threw a temper tantrum while the cashier sent someone to check a price on an item that scanned wrong, shame on you!
While the .29 cents is not a big deal to you, you are not in my shoes right now! What you dont know is those few groceries I had in my cart were all carefully calculated with the little bit of money I had. What you dont know is I am desperately trying to not lose my house, my car and keep food on the table for my kids. What you dont know is I havent been sleeping at night, Ive been trying to hide my worries from my children and trying to just keep our heads above water.
What you didnt know is my entire life! I am sorry that it inconvenienced you but yelling at me, throwing your groceries around and telling me how pathetic I am was uncalled for. Thank you for making me feel like a worse parent than I already do. I hope your hours are never cut at work or you ever fall on hard times!

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