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Windsor, ON Tuesday February 13th, 2018 at 9:04 PM

Negativity in online discussions

I am writing this Spotted in Windsor post today about the negativity on the online forums and discussions I am continually reading in current events in our city, specifically in regards to the Caboto Club. I believe that each individual has a voice and should state their opinion but the rude, unnecessary banter that carries on between the discussion boards is unfortunate and does not prove the progression we as a society claim we have attained. I also read the banter and cringe at the opinions that are stated without any facts.
I worked at the Caboto Club for many years, it was a part time job that helped me pay my way through school. I should probably state, that I am a female, and never once was I ever made to feel unwelcome in the club. There are some people that are misguided with information about the club - it is a men's only PRIVATE Italian club, that has grown largely overtime. Women are NOT members BUT they have their own separate club within the same building - The Women's Auxiliary. Within their club they socialize, make decisions, and vote. A lot of the banter has been raised around the woman not having a vote in the Caboto club, in the men's sector this is in fact TRUE, but that is once again a men's private club. The building was formed by the men's club, and over the years at has grown and still remains with them but they have not oppressed woman by not allowing them to enter or form their own clubs or committees, etc. Both the men's and women's sectors do amazing things for our communities. There are multiple charities that they contribute to as it is a non-profit organization. When families within the club are in need, they reach out.
I can tell you that the years I worked there, my voice as an employee was always heard and ideas were seen in changes for our day to day operations. If I had an issue it was addressed and changes were made.
I included these facts so that those that still continue to banter can have fact to their opinion. But I do ask this, do it with kindness. No need for name calling, no need to put down others or belittle anyone we are a community lets begin to act like one.

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