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Windsor, ON Monday January 29th, 2018 at 6:00 PM

The best community

Today at around 4 pm on manning road near Kozy restaurant, I got into a horrible accident. Roads were slippery and the oncoming car swerved into me in what looked like an attempt to avoid hitting the car in front of them. Both cars spun oppositely across the lanes and we all had difficulty getting out of our smashed cars. With assistance we all got out, before the other car went up in flames. A man in an orange vest came out to help, check on everyone's health, and tried to keep us all calm while 911 was called. He stayed on the scene until they arrived. Another man with an army green hat insisted I wait in his warm blue car until the cops arrived, and said he felt like it was his duty to stay and make sure everyone was okay because he was first aid certified. Another man in a blue sweater also stayed and asked the family in the other car to stay in his car to keep warm until the paramedics came, also coming to check up on me. There was an overwhelming amount of kindness from complete strangers during a time of shock and I was so grateful. I'm so sorry for not getting anyone's names that helped- but you have been spotted. Thank you!
Special shout out to OPP, EMS and windsor fire for their quick response- this community is lucky to have you.

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