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Windsor, ON Friday January 5th, 2018 at 12:05 PM

Winter Mittens

Thank you to the lovely woman who came through the drive thru at Tim Hortons a few weeks ago. It was Saturday morning and our rush hour so the drive through window is kept open, and since it is winter and ice cold outside I was freezing. I had a jacket on but no mittens. I was at the window for maybe a few hours the day before I met this woman. She got a large black coffee and while she was rummaging for change I held the coffee in my hand to keep warm. She apologized for taking a while to find change but I made a joke about using her coffee to keep my hands warm anyways so I didn't mind at all. I had also told her how I had bought dollar store gloves the day before to use at work but I had forgotten them at home. The woman then left with her coffee. Not even a half hour later she returned to the drive thru with a pair of dollar store mittens for me. This woman made my day and I don't think she knows how much those mittens helped me and a few other employees that day. I've worked at Tim Hortons for a few years and never have I ever encountered someone in the drive thru so kind to do that for us.

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