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Windsor, ON Monday January 1st, 2018 at 9:35 AM

Meg at Chucks Roadhouse on Tec rd E

Went to the new chucks roadhouse on Tec rd E tonight for dinner and a few minutes after being seated we seen a lady at the table across from us obviously with some issues and having a breakdown who was alone started yelling , swearing and laying across the bench seat yelling profanities and talking to herself. It really did break my heart after several attempts from other waitresses and a manager nobody could get near her without aggravating her making the situation worse, this waitress named Meg went to her and was absolutely incredible with her she was able to sit and carry on a conversation with her and calmed the woman down it was just incredible to see how she interacted with this woman until help could arrive for her. Your compassion and patience was incredible to watch. Meg you have been spotted

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