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Windsor, ON Wednesday December 6th, 2017 at 4:49 PM

Dollar store sweetheart

My two girls and I stopped into the outlet mall dollarama today to grab a few basic foodstuffs out of necessity. Having had a very stressful time of late, I was annoyed to find that my card was declined at the checkout (an issue with the bank I'd thought was resolved). After telling the cashier that I'd come back for it with cash later,

I turned to let my girls buy their little treats (purchased with their own change), when a very sweet woman from the line behind us stepped forward and paid for our $13 bag of food before the cashier could cancel the order.

I was struck silent by her generosity, and could not thank her enough. I was very nearly brought to tears realizing her generous act saved us from another 30 min walk in this cold windy weather.

So this this is just a shout out to that wonderful woman who helped a struggling single mom today, and whose generosity helped my girls understand the true meaning of the holiday spirit. Thank you, and best wishes for a happy holiday season to you too!

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