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Windsor, ON Tuesday November 21st, 2017 at 4:47 AM


Our dog woke us up and I looked out the window and watched my new bike riding away. When will this end? this entitlement and desire to just take from people? When will you wake up and realize that you are violating people Who worked their entire lives to pay for the things they have.
I just retired from 35 years in the Canadian Forces. I was just starting to get back into cycling. It is something I have loved my whole life and now you've taken my hard earned reward and for what? to make $50 so you can buy drugs or cigarettes? There has to be a better way. Do me a favour and don't thank a soldier next time you see one in uniform, just hang your head and keep walking (riding) by because you just negated your appreciation for your freedom and violated the very person who protected you and your family. Be a man and return my bike, shame on you.

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