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Windsor, ON Friday November 10th, 2017 at 8:48 AM

Stand with the students


Province Wide Student Rally the 14th, 15th & 16th on local college campuses to make our issues as students heard. It is important PSS (Post-Secondary Students) are unified in our goal for this rally. At this time this is our "platform," if you have any edits, suggestions, comments, concerns with this platform please feel free to comment!

Post-Secondary Students Issues:
- Compensation for lost time (4 weeks of our lives have been wasted)
- Reimbursement of Fees Paid (Including tuition, SA fees, parking passes, lockers, textbooks that were rented (not outright purchased) etc.)
- Students should have a say on how we go forward from this strike. Students are split on how WE want to see our semester saved. WE WANT THE OPTION TO CHOOSE, (depending on our college/ campus, year, program, etc.) to EITHER;

a) Restart this semester in January (or if that is not possible, continue with next semester as planned and redo this semester in September.)


b) Condense & complete this semester, FREE OF ALL CHARGES! Put the money we have paid in tuition for this semester towards next semester, or reimburse students leaving/ graduating.

- If we restart our semester, will we lose the ability to submit the work we have completed thus far this semester? Or if we do re-submit assignments next semester, will we be flagged as plagiarizing our own work?
- If we condense the semester we will not be receiving the same education we paid for;
- We paid for 15 (or 7-1-7) weeks of a course, not 15 weeks of work condensed into 10 weeks.
- We paid to have a professor teach us in a classroom, with effective resources and learning tools, not to have to struggle teach ourselves in our school libraries with administrative staff trying to do a job they aren't paid or educated to do.
- We paid for the opportunity to have in-class discussions, to do projects and presentations, in addition to the assignments and textbook modules we have been independently working on for the last month.

**Please note that fees outside of the colleges control will not be addressed at this time, as the living-costs incurred are both subjective and circumstantial. We are still looking a legal options for financial restitution however we all seem to agree the biggest concern for us as students is getting back into the classrooms, and receiving the education we paid for.***

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