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Windsor, ON Sunday October 8th, 2017 at 8:19 PM

Metro Riverside screamer !

To the woman screaming at the check out lady this morning October 8th at Metro in Riverside.
Shame on you! You bought beautiful flowers for someone ( maybe for just your thanksgiving table) and the floral paper cones were not available at the check out area but in the floral department. For this you screamed and threatened and yelled at the lovely woman I see nearly every week working her butt off and being so kind to everyone and helpful. You yelled " do you know how much money I spend here ?!" Did it occur to you she does know how much you spend? Did it occur to you that she makes minimum wage and Metros latest overhaul has cut everyone's hours by at least half. Did you know this is thanksgiving weekend and these lovely cashiers are working on their feet all day? While you can afford beautiful flowers and what appeared to be a gorgeous hair cut and style, very nice sunglasses and the vehicle you drove off in anger wasn't so bad either. I'm not sure what set you off but if it was the 12 steps out of your way to get paper for your flowers you certainly must have an amazing easy life, that sense of entitlement and nastiness you spewed all around this morning was the worst display of 'first world problems' I've ever seen. I won't post the video I took of you yet because I am hoping you will return and apologize and ask the Metro staff if you can shop there again, I would ban you permanently if you behaved in my place of work as you did there this beautiful morning. I wish you peace and kindness and a glorious thanksgiving tomorrow, I hope your flowers don't wilt from the angry energy your person exudes.

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