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Windsor, ON Saturday October 7th, 2017 at 8:18 AM

Curtious shoppers

Working at a department store you always run into customers who are disrespectful it's just part of the job! Sometimes aggravating but comes with the territory. Yesterday a woman left our store after shopping only to return 5 minutes later. She told me she had hit another persons car in the parking lot and would like to find them to report it. Astonished she came back in, most people would just book it. After we found the customer she hit they went outside to check out the damages. The lady informed us both that the damages in fact had come from another incident at another store and she needed not to worry, she just hasn't had time to get it fixed. They both wished each other a happy thanksgiving and went about there day! It was so awesome to see someone's honesty on both ends!!! Kudos to both of you

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