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Windsor, ON Thursday October 5th, 2017 at 10:07 PM

Angel waitress

Having a child with Special Needs can be tough in this world full of hate. You always go out with your child(ren) always ready to protect them and you wonder what is going to happen. You are prepared for anything. Well I took my kids out to Bubis and my oldest had a bit of a melt down. As our wonderful waitress noticed me trying to calm him she swooped in to the rescue! Omg! The way she handled the situation was amazing! She asked if it was ok and I told her yes and she continued. Just a young girl too. For a moment I knew I had to get him calm but how? Noise, out of comfort zone, No calming electronic or toy....nothing. People looking and I was ready to snap at all the eyes just looking. But this young girl was like a pro and swooped in, helped me calm my son down as she was helping me calm myself. As we went to pay the bill I asked her if she has ever dealt with anyone with special needs before. She softly and calmly told me no. I didn't give much info on my son but as this mommy got all emotional I told her she now can say she has and she did an amazing job and I thanked her so much! She reached out and gave me a hug. She introduced herself and we chatted for a bit. I was not going to share this story but decided to instead. Andie at Bubis is truly an amazing young woman whom the world needs more of! I hope the older people with the glares realized what they did and what she did! A thank you to her could never be enough.

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