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Windsor, ON Thursday September 28th, 2017 at 4:58 PM

A guard-ian angel

Not all heros wear capes, this one in particular wears a safety vest and one hell of a smile.
A bus was broken down on Lauzon Rd and Lilac, right in the middle of turning left. You could see the look of despair on the bus driver's face as traffic began to pile up around her. It was around 3:15 and the bustle of parents picking up their "angels" at Forest Glade Public have begun. The sun reflected off her vest and blinded my eyes which drew my attention to her--the hero. Without any training, she began to direct traffic additional to making sure our babies crossed the road safely. She saved the sanity for nearly a hundred people tonight by being selfless and staying later then usual to assist. You, my vested beautiful new best friend-- have been spotted.

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