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Windsor, ON Wednesday September 20th, 2017 at 6:57 PM

Good people

Today my car started smoking at the intersection of cabana and dougall. Not knowing what I should do, I turned the car off, put my 4 ways on and called my brother for help who is a mechanic. While I was standing there waiting for him and basically directing traffic, I had many people stop to see if I was Okay, ask if I needed help and asked if I had called someone. Two men then parked their cars away from the intersection and walked through traffic to get to me. This was during rush hour traffic and during the hottest part of the day. Together, the two men and my brother safely pushed my car across the intersection to the shoulder of the road on the other side. A very big thank you to everyone who cared for me today, and a special thank you to the two men who took time out of their days to help a stranger in need. I hope good things come to each of you soon!

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