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Windsor, ON Monday September 18th, 2017 at 9:31 PM

Saved By The Umbrella

I just wanted to say how much I was blessed by a beautiful, kind soul at Ottawa and Walker today. My Mum had just finished her appointment with a specialist and when we went to leave the building, we saw that it was pouring rain. We decided to wait until the rain died down a bit before going down the long ramp outside of the Ottawa Market. My Mum is 86, has Alzheimer's and is in a wheelchair. A woman came in the door and saw that we were waiting because of the rain. She immediately offered her umbrella and then told us to take it and keep it because she had many umbrellas at home. She told me to make sure that my Mum didn't get wet. I was so grateful for her kindness and her generosity. I gave her a great big hug and she gave me one back. It was like we had always know each other! I was so impressed that this woman to noticed our needs and immediately tried to help. This woman's act of kindness made my whole day much brighter. What a blessing from God she was!

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