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Windsor, ON Thursday September 14th, 2017 at 1:56 PM

Syles Mechanical Truly Comes Through

Our house was flooded on August 29 as were countless others in the city. Among many other things, our loss included our furnace and hot water tank. The day after the flood I phoned Syles Mechanical to inspect our furnace for insurance purposes. I of course did not expect to see anyone for at least a few days to a week, assuming most of the city was in the safe predicament. They sent someone out the next day at 830 in the morning. Scott was professional and polite and as expected told me that our furnace was a fire hazard a couldn't be used. Again, I did not expect this was going to be a quick fix and again I was wrong. That same day Grant Higginbottom sent a team out to my house and replaced my furnace. I happened to mention to him that I was having trouble getting my hot water tank provider to come out so he replaced that too! Grant, you and your team should be recognized for going above and beyond in making our lives much easier and less stressful during a very stressful time! Thank you!

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