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Windsor, ON Tuesday September 12th, 2017 at 10:56 AM

Paying it forward from Mother who lost her Daughter to Cancer

So my morning started off not so good to say the least... woke up feeling sick, went to my first appointment and broke my nail, dropped my daughter's script and had to chase it around the parking lot. Then my morning had a silver lining. Was feeling stressed and needed a caffeine pick me up so figured I would stop and grab Tim Hortons at the chandler location.
To my surprise when I went to pay for my stuff the lady told me the gentleman in the gold intrepid ahead of me had paid for my order. So I figured I would pay it forward as well and put the cost of my order towards the next persons order. I guess there were a lot of people paying it forward that day. The cashier told me the lady who started the paying it forward today had just lost her daughter to ovarian cancer and it was her daughters wish to pay it forward when she could.
It took everything in me not to become a blubbering idiot in the taxi when she said it. My heart goes out to that woman and hope she knows she helped turn at least one person's day around by her kind act.

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