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Windsor, ON Tuesday September 12th, 2017 at 10:04 AM

I am heartbroken for your daughter

On September 11th I took my son to the Windsor Lions park. Was a nice outing until you came along. Your daughter, maybe 4 or 5 years old, was playing on the monkey bars. You came over to her and because she wasn't playing on the bars the way you wanted her to, you called her a baby and weak and being lazy for not doing it "right". You humiliated your poor daughter. When another kid went across the monkey bars you pointed him out and said "see look he is doing it and he is younger than you" and proceeded to call her a baby. When the girl's mother told you to stop (i am assuming was your girlfriend) you rebuked her and continued on.

I grew up being called stupid and lazy and all sorts of names by a parental figure and it did a lot of damage. As someone who has been through that, I worry about your daughter and her self confidence. You are being verbally and emotionally abusive to her and I wanted so much to stand up to you for her. That being said, knowing from my own situation, I had no idea what repercussions she would face at home for someone else speaking up for her and I did not want to make things worse for her.

The other parents in the park were just as disgusted by your behaviour and a few had even left because of it. Some of the children overheard and had questioned their parents about it as well. You should be ashamed.

As for your girlfriend, if that is how you speak to your daughter, how do you speak to your girlfriend? Surely you are abusive to her as well. Your girlfriend needs to kick you to the curb before you destroy their lives.

As for others, please share this so that maybe, just maybe this despicable person or his girlfriend read this and think about what is best for their child. No child or mother should go through this and my heart breaks for them.

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