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Windsor, ON Saturday September 9th, 2017 at 9:38 PM

To the mother leaving Walmart

I have had 2 Total Knee Replacements in the past few months and today was the very first time I ventured out with my new knees. As we were leaving Walmart I stopped at the Lottery kiosk to check my tickets and moved to the side of the cart to reach my purse. Apparently my slow moving infuriated you so much that you felt the need to let myself, my daughter and your two young children know by tossing off an insult that began with the letter F. I understand us slow people must frustrate the able bodied people like you but was it really necessary to then push your shopping cart so close that you rammed into me forcing my still healing and very sensitive knees into my shopping cart? Oddly enough at the time all I could think about was the look on your children's faces and thought "If she is this abusive to strangers in public I wonder how she behaves at home". I very much hoped this was just a very bad day for you and if my slowness frustrated you that much I am very sorry.

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