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Windsor, ON Monday September 4th, 2017 at 8:38 PM


To the guy who originally posted this in another Facebook group.  I hope this message reaches the owners. 
Last nite at 10:10pm I was driving southbound on Huron line just past Grand Maris, when I saw a dog laying on the right side of the road,
He was alive still but in really bad shape,
3 to 5 yr old fixed male grey and black min pin mix
Blue plaid collar with an image of a male deer with antlers "buck" in yellow and black on it,
If the owner sees this I just want you to know that I held that dog in my arms and raced it the 24hr vet on walker Rd
They did everything they could but the dog had to be put down, very sad.
I want you to know that I held that. Dog and cried like he was my own,
He did not die alone,
And was comforted in his last moments.
I'm so sorry for your loss
And to the scum that hit him and kept driving I hope you rot in hell for ever for that.
Rip little buddy

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