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Windsor, ON Friday August 4th, 2017 at 11:30 AM

Business Spotting Thank You

This post is a little late but still wanted to put it out there. I was at the Walkerville Art Walk on July 21. I stopped by a vendor and bought something. Kept walking around to another vendor named Border City custom Prints, I walked up and was looking at her products. She makes handmade bath bombs. Without showing any interest in her products yet she offered me a bag for my previous purchase from a vendor that was a glass candle jar, awkward to hold. Very nice of her to offer her own supplies to me to carry my item. I continued to look at her products and bought a few. She was very helpful in questions I had about her product. I have extreme eczema and her bath bombs did not react with my skin they left me feeling so smooth and relaxed. She had different scents and colors and it was so pretty to watch the foam of colors in my bath.

Thank You Again.

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