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Windsor, ON Thursday August 3rd, 2017 at 2:56 PM

Tim Hortons Howard & Tecumseh. Inconsiderate driver.

Around 9:40 this morning (Thursday) you were exiting Tim Hortons drive thru. I was with my mother who was driving and both of us waved you to go through. You took up nearly the entire exit onto Tecumseh. You stared at us and when we realized you weren't going to go, we entered the parking lot where you proceeded to mouth 'WOW' and other non mentionable words at us. We were polite and were letting you go (where the only way you could turn was RIGHT on to Tecumseh and you swear at us when we have to get off a busy road right near an intersection? You pissed me off on my way to work this morning - we did nothing wrong so I just want to put this out there that you've been spotted and suggest maybe next time be a little kinder. You are the type of person who makes this world effed up. Be kind.

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