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Windsor, ON Friday July 14th, 2017 at 10:04 PM

Exemplary Customer Service!

Went into Staples at Legacy Dr looking for one of the new oversized iPads. Found it, and then while I was checking out, it was discovered that the product in the box was actually a display model and couldn't be sold bc of the loads of extra software on it. A call to the other Staples location found one for us (the last one between here and Toronto) , but while getting things sorted out, my blood sugar suddenly dipped dangerously and I began to have all the classic symptoms of a crash- sweating, dizziness, grey colour. etc The staff (namely Faisal and Sam, and a young trainee) were amazing. They got me my daughter, a cold bottle of water appeared in my hand and Faisal decided he would go, himself, to the other location and get the iPad, bring it back and set everything up.
My kids and I left to get me sorted out, while this was happening, and upon our return, the first question was for my health and did I need anything.
A big congrats to these 2 staff members for their genuine care, their expertise with their products and the friendly way they connected to all of us as the transaction was finished.
Staples, on Legacy- good job!!

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