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Windsor, ON Friday December 6th, 2013 at 11:56 AM

i know there is alot of closed minded people
but i would appreciate it if all these warm hearted windsor people could think of an animal for just a minute and click the link and sign the petition for me.

http:/ / en-CA/ petitions/ government-of-ontario-lift-the-pitbull-ban-in-ontario?share_id=KziiDDRojq& utm_campaign=share_button_mobile& utm_medium=facebook& utm_source=share_petition

for the people who are against pitbulls, sorry if this offends you. but its all about how you raise them and there environment.
any dog can be mean. and any dog can turn on you.
your perfect little purse pooches are usually the hot headed ones to go first.
in fact, the top three dogs known to be aggressive is a Chihuahua, weenier dog & a jack russle. so please before you judge one breed look at the others aswell.
thank you .
Signed. forever a pitbull lover.
adopt dont shop this holiday !!!

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