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Windsor, ON Wednesday December 4th, 2013 at 7:26 PM

I have renewed faith in the season. I wanted to make a difference in my neighbours Christmas. They have been through a lot lately, Cancer, not working, single income cut dramatically. They have two children 5 and 8. I see them everyday and wanted to put a sparkle in their eye by gathering up donations of food and money. They do not know this is happening but I have had a great response from my family and friends. I cannot remember the last time I have felt so overjoyed. I always give to charities, but what a difference when you know the recipients. I will be presenting them with boxes of food and a good amount of money. I cannot wait to see their faces. The kids have been so sad and worried that I just wanted to make sure they had a good Christmas. Thanks to all who gave so truly are the spirit of Christmas.

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