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Windsor, ON Thursday December 22nd, 2022 at 12:07 PM

Merry Christmas

The last few years have been anything but easy for a lot of people we all have been struggling with the cost of living everything is going up in price making it so hard just to survive not to mention covid happened and hurt a lot of small business. My personal story over the last few years have been anything but easy after coming home from Mexico because my family's life was in danger i was fined over 6000$ because of covid measures , my spouse at the time left me a month before our wedding leaving me a sudden single mom. I lost my business due to covid , then was in a car accident and rolled my car. My mother got sick stage 4 lung cancer no cure i immediately became her full-time care giver no business and no job i nearly lost my home care giving for mom sadly she passed away in June. The topper i enrolled in school hoping it would lead to a better career i could provide a better life for my daughter and i , I've worked very hard usually scoring 80 - 90% on all my tests and assignments. Last week i found out the school is having issues finding me placement so i will not be graduating with my class. I have completely hit rock bottom I've spent the last week angry and crying praying to god something has to give I'm not one to ask for help but this year i needed it more then anything!! At about 7pm last night on December 21st there was a knock at my door it was an older couple i have never met prior they hand me a turkey and all the fixings and said merry Christmas! When they left i hit the floor in tears! I just wanted to share my story because although life may seem hard and we struggle there is still good in our world and blessing come in all forms Merry Christmas!!

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