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Windsor, ON Saturday November 26th, 2022 at 8:04 PM

Off Duty Hero

On Tuesday November 22, I had the opportunity of witness the quick actions of an off duty firefighter who put their training to work to help a complete stranger. I was waiting for my Dr.'s appointment at Dr. Mustafa's office when their was some commotion coming from the spill over waiting area. As the story unfolded, we soon learned that there was a gentlemen that went into the bathroom and while in there, had a medical emergency. Their family member knew something was wrong and reached out to the receptionist for help. Receptionist soon discovered that the situation was not good - bathroom door was locked, no key for the door could be found and the gentlemen inside was not responding. Soon, the off duty firefighter who was there with his parents jumped into action, introduced himself to the employees of the office includng showing his ID and told them he was going to kick the door in to gain access. Two swift boots to the door and access was gained. This gentleman didn't stop there though, he quickly went to the side of the gentlemen that was in medical distress and directed office staff to call 911. He stayed by the man's side, accessing him constantly until EMS arrived. He had complete control of the situation from start to finish.
It was evident that the family member of this man in distress was anxious and worried but the quick actions of the selfless individual quickly eased her concerns. Many of the patients inside the office thanked the gentlemen for his quick actions and the office staff were beyond grateful for his help, with one saying that he was an "angel in disguise."
The off duty firefighter shrugged off the accolades but I wanted to write this to let him know that he was "spotted" and wanted to give him a formal "thank you." Not only for the care he gave that gentlemen that day but for the care they put into their community each day as a firefighter.
We are forever grateful for the service of our First Responders and this is just another example as to why. God Bless!h

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