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Windsor, ON Friday September 17th, 2021 at 11:21 AM

Paying it Forward

I found myself in a difficult situation at Freshco (McDougall and Tecumseh) on Thursday Sept 16th. I unfortunately had a gift card that was much less in $ value than I was lead to believe. I only needed to purchase a few items with the card and figured that the value would cover it. When the cashier scanned the card it was for much less than I thought and I did not have any money to cover the balance, so I told her to just give me two of the items that I needed. There was a very nice young woman standing behind me in line and insisted on paying for the other items. I told her that wasn't necessary and she insisted on paying for these items. I was brought to tears with the kindness of this young woman and thanked her profusely. There really are angels among us and I definitely will be paying it forward when my situation allows. Thank you very much kind lady.

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