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Windsor, ON Sunday October 25th, 2020 at 10:42 AM

I have been so impressed with the way Windsor has been doing with the covid rules and keeping our numbers down, but this incident rubbed me the wrong way. I recently went to get my hair cut. Very clean and needed appointment. When l got there, l was screened. One of the questions, have you been around someone who has been around a positive covid patient. Yes l have. My daughter is a PSW worker. Well they said, we cannot cut your hair. Our owners do not want the liability, really l said? So you are not allowing any essential workers to get their haircuts? No we cannot. Their last question was - are you an essential worker. This is so unfair to all our health care workers, truck drivers, etc that have put their lives at risk to save ours and they cannot be treated to a haircut. I will have to find a new place to go.

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