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Windsor, ON Friday August 7th, 2020 at 9:04 PM

Dear Drive Thru Karen

I would to first off say to the lady who came through the drive thru at the McDonald's on Manning Rd., if you were already having a bad day I am sorry that you were, and if you weren't then you should be ashamed.
The debit/ credit was down and not just at this specific location, it was posted at the drive thru before entering the lane and at the door before entering the store, and yet you continued to drive through, and up to the speak where you then yelled at the employee on the other end about how "they should know if the machine is working or not for credit, and now you are stuck in a line you can't get out of" despite already being told that was not working, and being apologized too.
Well I was that person and I'm not ok with the attitude you gave me. I have dealt with rude customers before, and especially during this horrible Covid-19 situation, as I have been working since this all started.
I however can not control what an electronical device can or can not do, we were all trying our best today despite the circumstances, and you not only yelled at me but my manager too, who also did not deserve the treatment you dished out.
Life happens and some things are out of our control...this was one of them.
I had to get this off my chest. Thank you.

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