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Windsor, ON Sunday April 19th, 2020 at 4:58 PM


I am writing out of utter shock and disgust at the lack of concern shown last night in Lakeshore park. My elderly mother was out for a walk with her dog around 8pm last night, when she lost her footing on the side of the path and fell in the park. Into the mud, stones, and debris. Her dog pulled loose and she was terrified he would run away in fear, luckily he came right to her. What angers me, is the 6 or 7 people who walked right by her, saw that she was bleeding from her knees and hands, AND DID NOTHING!! Not one person, including the young couple who watched it happen, even so much as asked her if she was alright. No one helped her up, or asked if they could call someone to help . I am so disappointed in the people who chose to ignore her and keep walking by. What if that was YOUR mom??? I understand there is a virus at large, but for crying out loud, no one even acknowledged her while she sat there in the mud bleeding!!!! All I can say is this even has opened my eyes to how people can be!

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