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Windsor, ON Tuesday November 26th, 2019 at 12:29 PM

Sorry goes a long long way

I'm a security guard who works in the parking booth at Met hospital and I get all kinds of people coming through in a day and I hear every complaint you can imagine. Some are happy to pay the 3 to 7 dollars for parking and some are not....
When you came through my booth this morning you were clearly frustrated. I asked for the $7 payment and you snapped back at me about how you and your son waited 3 hours to see your doctor and now you have to pay... you were upset, frustrated and you were venting it out on me.
After you drove off I felt bad that I had to charge you for parking since you had had a bad experience.... dealing with the public is not easy, but you what you did next is something that never happened to me in my 10 years of service to the public.... YOU CAME BACK!! You came back to apologize!!
You said to me that your son was so upset with your outburst that he was crying
and he told you "Mom!! She was happy and smiling until you yelled at her!"
Even though I tried to tell you that I understood, you insisted that I accept your apology for being a bad person for taking out your frustrations on me who had nothing to do with it.
I want to thank you for being a good person and an incredible role model to your son.
The next time someone comes through and complains or calls me names, I will remember you...
Your apology will go a long long way.
Thank you

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